Welcome to Presidio!!! We are grateful to have you as a valued client.

Please take a moment to read our recommendations and tools to ensure the best experience possible.



Create your InsurLink account!

InsurLink is our way of giving you quick 24/7 access to policy docs, ID cards, and information so you have your account information at your fingertips. It’s FREE, quick and easy and can be accessed from your Smart Device!

Register for your carrier’s direct login

In addition to InsurLink – If your carrier has an app or direct login, please register asap to gain access to documents and billing information. Most service requests are related to access to id cards, billing questions or minor policy questions. The app/website is the easiest way to access this information.



What happens if I have a claim, a claim question and how do I file?

Please see Presidio’s Steps Of An Effective Claims Management Process. It should answer the majority of your questions and simplify the process.

Billing – Responsibilities, recommendations, pitfalls

You will receive more information on our billing process with your new client information packet.

Best Practices


Save vehicle ID cards in your phone.

Always handy for inspections, buying another auto and just in case you get pulled over (not like that would ever happen…).

Sign up for EFT!

99% of billing issues are because of mail delay and clients not receiving bills from carriers. If you are on EFT, you can avoid these most of the time.

Access InsurLink and the carrier apps/websites.

This way you have account info at your fingertips!