We make group health insurance policies easy.

Our group health agents, also known as a group health insurance broker or consultant, play a crucial role in facilitating the purchase and management of group health insurance policies for businesses. Here’s what our group health department can assist you with.

Assess client needs

Our group health agents begin by understanding the unique healthcare needs of our clients. This includes the size of the group, budget considerations, and the specific health and wellness requirements of the group members.

Market Research/Policy Selection

Our agents research and analyze health insurance options available from various insurance carriers. We identify policies that align with the client’s needs and budget. Based on our research, we recommend specific insurance policies to the client and discuss the features, benefits, and costs of each policy to help you make an informed decision.

Negotiation (Groups over 50)

We negotiate with insurance carriers on your behalf to secure favorable terms and pricing for your group health insurance plan.

Enrollment assistance

We assist in the enrollment process, helping group members complete required paperwork, providing explanations of the policy, and ensuring that all members have the coverage they need.

Policy Administration

After the policy is in place, our agents help with administrative tasks, such as adding or removing employees from the plan, handling billing inquiries, and addressing any policy-related issues.

Claims assistance

If there are issues with claims or disputes with the insurance carrier, our group health agents can act as intermediaries to help resolve these matters.


Our agents assist with healthcare regulations and compliance requirements, ensuring that the group’s health insurance policies meet legal and regulatory standards.

Renewal Management

We proactively manage policy renewals, assessing whether the existing coverage remains suitable and exploring new options if necessary.

Employee Education

At your discretion, we can conduct seminars or workshops to educate your employees about their health insurance benefits, helping them understand how to use the coverage effectively.

Cost control

We work with clients to manage health insurance costs by exploring cost-saving strategies, such as wellness programs, voluntary benefits, and alternatives like Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) or Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs).

Market trends & updates

We stay current with industry trends, regulatory changes, and emerging insurance products, ensuring that our clients have access to the most up-to-date information and options.
In summary, our agents at Presidio serve as knowledgeable intermediaries between businesses or organizations and insurance carriers, helping you navigate the complex world of group health insurance. We focus on finding and managing the best policies to meet the healthcare needs of the group while providing administrative support and ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations.